Concours or Touring Preparation

We understand what a car needs to shine at concours and perform when touring.

Concours Preparation

Winning a Concours event is a proud moment for any classic car enthusiast. Showing off your vehicle in tip-top condition in the arena is a wonderful experience, and awards can also increase the investment value of the car.

We can advise on Concours criteria and prepare your car to whatever level of entry required. Read one of our recent success stories.


Preparation is key to the enjoyment of any trip, both for you and the other participants. If you enter a long distance rally, you can’t really expect the car to perform without missing a beat, straight from the garage.

Some environments and conditions may need additional preparation. We will advise on the event you’re entering and can prepare your car accordingly.

Event organisers may request that as a minimum requirement cars have been serviced prior to taking part, and we can assist to ensure your peace of mind – and the car’s optimum performance.

Why Choose Pride & Joy:

The business was established over ten years ago, providing a friendly and best value service to Jaguar, Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners. We are delighted to see all British Classics.

With our combination of practical, award-winning restoration know-how and good commercial experience, we are able to care for your Pride and Joy, leaving you with more quality time to enjoy your classic car.

  • Our workshop ethos is not to cut corners. We do it once and get it right.
  • We have a well-equipped workshop and experienced staff.
  • We work with post-war Rolls-Royce and Bentleys, Jaguars and Aston-Martins.
  • We welcome other marques, and are always interested in purchasing good quality cars.
  • Find out more about our services and read about one of our award-winning restorations.

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